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Family Zone, vertical stacked 240 35mm original photographs in dia carousel, perspective zoom lenses. Installed at Roland Ross, Margate. 2023  








  The perceptible absence of corporeal referent or physical body in Barker's images continues and is exemplified in McCormack's Family Zone, 2023, a synchronised display of 240 slides: projected black and white images of fens, estuaries and snails snap and jut against full colour images of west end toilet cubicles. The differing orientations and registers of McCormack’s projected images produce moments of disquiet. Occasionally, frames of cadmium yellow bridge across two images; it is compelling that McCormack has opted to include moments of under and overexposure, leaving slight grazes of light on the wall or other imperfections that are then blown out by perfect shafts of light and colour. The interplay and contrast between what can be perceived as picturesque and empty, and signifiers of spontaneity and freedom, speak to the agility required to navigate between distinct social divisions. 

Excerpt from Alexander Harding, Art Monthly. May 2023