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Lambeth I.10, series of silver gelatin prints, selenium toned, applied with iodine. 2022

Photographs taken on patches of rough ground located near and around the entrance of Lambeth Palace and the University of Kent, Canterbury.

The Windsor Report, Anglican Communion Office. 2004. The Official Report of the Lambeth Conference 1998 : transformation and renewal ed. Mark Dyer 1998, Canterbury, England. Diversity or Disunity? Reflections on Lambeth 1998. New York. Church Publishing Inc. 1999.  Religions, Orientation and Critical Theory: Race, Gender and Sexuality at the 1998 Lambeth Conference. Jeremy Carrette. Maney Publishing 1999. The Lambeth Conference; Theology, History. Polity and Purpose, ed. by Paul Avis and Benjamin Guyer. London, New York Bloomsbury. 2017.     



 Exhibition at Filet Project Space, London. Photography Thierry Bal. 2022












Installation photography Thierry Bal