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Repurposed photographs taken by an unknown photographer at the 2010 Dehli Commonwealth Games and featured in The Indepedent 24th of September. Installed with found shop carpet, perspex, cellotape, marker pen and a sound recording of a voice singing 'Elegance' a capella from the musical Hello Dolly by Jerry Herman 1964. 2012.  





Abridged lyrics; 'Elegance' from Jerry Herman's musical Hello Dolly 

What a knack there is to that acting like a born aristocrat 

We got elegance if you aint got elegance you can never ever carry it off 

All who are well bred agree Minne Fay has pedigree 

Could they be misleading us? Silver Spoons were used for feeding us 

We got elegance 

If you aint got elegance you can never ever carry it off 

Middle class don’t speak of it savoir faire we reek of it 

Some were born with rags and patches but we use dollar bills for matches 

Minnie Vanderbilt Kowtows to us JP Morgan scrapes and bows to us 

Have you noticed when I hold my cup the saucer never moves 

And the way I hold my pinky up indubitably proves 

We got elegance 

We got built in elegance And with elegance... elegance... Elegance...elegance... elegance We carry it off ...