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Out of Season, shower door, flame retardant fabric, fixtures. 2013.    



Brown fire retardant fabric over a shower door What turns me on is because I have a good imagination and I like pleasing Through 62 and 63 it was just the way my mind felt Gold cushion Did I tell you how much I liked that Watching the tips of your hair pass above the high fence. Obsessive compulsive devices, projection, reaction-formation. Dropping a Joan Didion book on the beach, and looking up. E-cigarettes in bamboo Coming off certain drugs and slowing down. Lost in the fiery hell of a canyon a woman desperately struggles for life Ming vases made in wax I don’t want beauty, I want identity. The only responsibility you have to me (stop on second repeat) is to enjoy yourself (rewind). Jane Fonda collecting her Oscar for the film Klute ‘there is much to say tonight, but tonight is not the night to say it’. Skylights in film. Watched through. Fallen through. Empty offices. I find that arduous physical labour can jump start my thought process I screamed, I wisely screamed when they cleaned my burns for all my pains past, present and future A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming Beverley Hills derives its name from beaver meadow Ecuadorians might lose trade preferences from Washington with items that include roses, tuna and broccoli They feed on basic microvegetation, infusorials, etc Unchanged air except former employees carrying breaths in the from the street, incrementally updating it. The plastic seal of the windows threatened by the slow fly-tipping of bodies carrying in the carbon dioxide, mostly, it would seem, for the dust covered cheese plants. The shape of bodies in various cottons. Three melons in four different kinds of light A beach towel lying on concrete poured during the invasion Your daughter has been tried for treason for being a traitor. Her date of execution will be December 197. I will do anything you want, since there is no limits to my imagination and I place no moral judgements on anything You can buy a lot of narrative for that kind of money Writing messages on the roof of your mouth with your tongue. I was nothing more than historical fact Legend has it that the rats in Beverly Hills live in the ivy which grows like weeds; many residents having planted ivy to keep their sod rooted down. 



Installation of Out of Season as part of solo exhibition Dimmer, Locomotion, London.