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Layouts from Divine Drudgery, Lenz Press. 2021. (above)  L. Adelhyd van Bender R. Terence McCormack   

Divine Drudgery Ed. Fatima Hellberg, James Richards & Leslie Thornton Published by Lenz Press 2021, 160 pages, 21.9 x 28.5 cm. 

With work and contributions by Horst Ademeit, Rae Armantrout, Tolia Astakishvili, Ed Atkins, Kirsty Bell, Adelhyd van Bender, Bruce Conner, Fatima Hellberg, Mason Leaver-Yapp, Veit Loers, Terence McCormack, James Richards, Jens Thornton, Leslie Thornton and Thomas Zummer.  


Talk; 'To intimate; Awkwardness & Camp', Tate Modern for MA Chelsea College of Art. The outline of the talk can be read here  

(Untitled) Sontag C-Type Print 2015. (poster made for talk) 

 Burning The Days (programme part of the Locomotion Film Festival) 2015 

Still from 'How To Shoot A Crime Scene', Chris Krauss video,  30mins, 1987. 

The programme included;  James Richards, Rosebud, 2013. 8 min 40 sec.  Sarah Schulman & Jim Hubbard ACT UP Oral History Project Video Tapes, Interview 30 Mary Dorman, 2003. 77 mins. Vanalyne Green, What Happens To You, 1992. 38 mins. Chris Krauss, How To Shoot A Crime, 1987. 30 mins.       

Following the screening was a panel discussion with myself, Mark Turner (Kings College), Fiona Anderson (Newcastle University) and Morgan Quaintance (Independent Curator, Critic).   

For more information on the programme read here


Conversation between myself and Vanalyne Green, March 2015. Can be read here 

Still from 'What Happens To You', Vanalyne Green, video 38mins, 1992.  


Talk, 'The Masters Tools Will Not Dismantle The Masters House' delivered as part of Chelsea College of Art Theory MA. 2013

Untitled, from b&w negative, 2013  (poster made for talk)